Brak Busters Dog Training Reviews

We place a very high value on customer feedback to ensure we stay in tune with our clients needs and expectations and continue to deliver excellent results and customer service. Every customer is given a feedback form which may be returned freepost to our Head Office. The feedback is logged, and where client permission has been given, the testimonials from those feedback forms are published below.

Janie was outstanding. Saw big difference in Zeus just in the one night. She has shown us how to communicate with and train our dog. I now see the light at the end of the tunnel.
Shane C., Marion, Iowa 12th March 2018

I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was, after our first session, to correct my dogs' undesirable behaviors. Learning to communicate in a manner my dogs understand has been an eye opener. I have the worst behaviors (indoors) in decent control now, but I admit I still have a ways to go regarding consistency, so that I truly become the "alpha" pack leader, but I'm working at it! Thank you, Janie!
Colleen B., Shellsburg, Iowa 3rd November 2017
Trainer's Comments
Good job, Colleen. I'm sure the boys appreciate you stepping up to be their protector and leader. Remember to stay calm, be consistent, and most of all, enjoy those boys! Call me anytime for further assistance.

I would like to comment on the two training sessions we have had with Janie. My dogs are difficult and I am part of the problem. I have not let them know I am the head of the pack so they try to do what I am supposed to do. Janie has been to see us twice. The first time I saw a noticeable difference in both Rocky and Max. They were listening and doing what they were told. Janie is very patient with both the dogs and me. When I get frustrated she stays very calm and makes suggestions on what I should do differently. She never says that I am doing something wrong. And is never negative in any way. She just makes suggestions and demonstrates what I should be doing. One day I called her upset and crying because I felt like I was a lousy owner and no good for my dogs. She talked to me for quite awhile and pointed out what I was doing right. She made me feel like I could actually help my dogs and myself with her help and with Barkbusters method of training. I felt so much better. In closing I just want to say that Janie is very knowldegable, kind, and patient. I can tell she has so much love for dogs and wants to help them. I have so much faith in her and I love the training sessions with her. She is awesome.
Sharon D., Urbana, Iowa 27th April 2017

I was a little worried to have a trainer work with Max. I thought Janie would be super critical that we hadn't worked with our dogs. But Janie is great!! I can't say enough good about her. She really, really understands dogs and people. She recognized what our problem was with our dogs almost immediately. And taught us what we needed to do. The flip chart info was good. I learned a lot of new things. Thank you, Janie!
Al and Sharon D., Urbana, Iowa 25th April 2017
Trainer's Comments
Al and Sharon, you were ready to learn and ready to take charge of the safety and security of your pack. I think Max and Rocky were relieved to have that burden removed from their shoulders. You were all so much fun to work with! Don't forget. If you need further assistance, I'm just a phone call, email or text away. And thank you so much for your kind remarks. Janie

First night was very informational. We are looking forward to working with our dogs and seeing the benefits over time. Janie took a lot of time and really answered our questions. She taught us how to use tools to fit each dogs behavior and personalities.
Josh and Shaleen A., Cedar Rapids, Iowa 25th April 2017

Janie is fantastic. Max was fearful and acted aggressive and I was worried he would hurt someone. Janie went through a flip chart that showed us how dogs think and act and how differently it was from the way we think. It was very enlightening. Janie worked with us and Max and showed us how we had to be the leader of the pack. It has made a huge difference with Max. He was a very unhappy dog, thinking he had to be the leader. But now I believe he is more relaxed and happy thanks to Janie. We are truly grateful to Janie.
Al and Sharon D., Urbana, Iowa 15th March 2017
Trainer's Comments
Thanks, Al and Sharon. I'm so glad Max is doing better. He is such a good boy. He was trying to do a job that was just too much for him and it was terrifying for him and concerning for you, watching him become aggressive in his attempts to keep his pack safe. Now that he can count on you to do that job he can relax and enjoy life. And so can you! See you again soon!

It went very well while Janie was here. I think the rest of my family needed to be here as well so we are all on the same page. I look forward to her coming again. She was amazing!
Michelle R., Dubuque, Iowa 14th August 2016

Janie saved us!!! We have 3 wonderful dogs that are all male. The recent member to our family was Blu. He is one year old and went through some aggression problems! It started with Blu biting someone to him fearing new people that came to our house. I was fearful every time someone would show up to our door! After the first session I saw great improvements in my dog. He was calm when the doorbell range, didn't get into the trash, My dog blu was finally listening to us for the first time in a long time! I am so grateful that I found janie words cant express!
Deyanira R., Iowa city, Iowa 4th August 2016
Trainer's Comments
Thank you so much for your kind words. Blu, Rocko and Bud are all terrific dogs, and now that they understand what you want you can all relax and enjoy each other. You all did really well. Congrats to you!

Janie was wonderful! Beau is a rescue dog we have had for several years and we absolutely love him. I was at my wits end, in the last 2 years Beau had started barking non-stop at home. He would go to my mom's or sister's for the weekend and not make a peep. We had tried all sorts of different training tips and nothing had worked. We knew we were the problem, our communication with him. Janie came the first day, she taught me what I was doing wrong over the 1st hour and then we brought Beau into the room. It was amazing how well her training worked!!! We continue to work with Beau and could not be happier with our change at home. No more incessant barking, Janie is worth every penny and then some! Her training instructions and tips are worth every penny, the stress level at home has dropped dramatically without all the barking. We are one very happy family!
Suellen M., Cedar rapids, Iowa 7th July 2015
Trainer's Comments
Thank you so much for the kind words. I appreciate you taking the time to let me know how happy you are. These results reflect your commitment to making Beau a better, happier dog. Well done!!! Keep up the great work. Janie

Bark Busters offered easy to follow solutions for our dogs' behavior. The instructions were clear and also repeated in written instructions that were left behind for us to follow.
Ben R., Iowa City, Iowa 9th June 2015

After Janie left after the 1st meeting there was a definite change for the better in Zeus. He pretty much quit going behind our chairs and chewing on a box. I quit letting him sit on my lap so much and only now when invited. We are doing a lot better with staying, and letting me out the door first. We have our good and bad days leash walking. A lot due to distractions. Gary and I are working harder on recall. Sorry to say we had gotten a little frustrated with that. The jumping up on Gary and I have gotten better. Saturday will be a real test as we will have the 4 yr old grandson here.
Jane K., Shellsburg, Iowa 19th March 2015
Trainer's Comments
You're doing well. Remember, don't get frustrated and don't give in to him. And always keep in mind, he's just a baby, so he's very easily distracted. Going behind the chairs where all the electronics cabling was located was a very big deal, so even if other things aren't progressing as quickly, always remember your successes. He's such a sweet little guy. Good luck with your grandson. You can do it!

Janie was very helpful, and patient. She is very knowledgeable of the methods, and helped me work on the techniques with my dog. Lots of reading material...which I keep reading over and over.
Kay N., Marion, IA, Iowa 14th March 2015
Trainer's Comments
Thanks for your kind words. I'm looking forward to our next visit with you and your puppy!

This service is AMAZING!!! I paid for training services for my 4 dogs, and as far as I am concerned, the FIRST DAY of training was worth the ENTIRE COST!! We could barely get guests through the front door, and with Janie's help, that improved greatly with her first visit!! We have struggled with some sibling rivalry in our house, and Janie has spent a great deal of time not only helping us with different techniques, but offering encouragement and support as well. She has gone far above and beyond any expectation, meeting us at the dog park, offering phone support, and sharing her personal experiences. Be warned, this person LOVES DOGS!! I feel that she works to help people become the leader with their dogs, but none of her techniques are harsh, and she always offers affection to our dogs. Our training sessions with Janie are more like a visit from a family friend, just with a focus on dog behavior. Our 4 dogs have very different personalities, but they all respond very well to Janie and her techniques, and I can recommend her services without hesitation!!!
Brook S., Atkins, Iowa 27th October 2013

Janie is a fantastic true trainer and excellent handler instructor for me. Beau Ray, an-over-the-top exuberant and sometimes can respond a bit agressive Rott-mix, is a puff ball around Janie. She has been able to teach me too, not only to win Beau over, but for him to respect my wishes and act on my commands. She took time from her lunch and met Beau and me at the vet's to help calm Beau. I am so grateful (and amazed) that these women can be so "calm and yet firm" to get Beau's attention and compliance.
Mary Woods, Mount Vernon 12th October 2012

We have a rottweiler/lab. mix that we got when he was almost 1yr. He was very exuberant, to say the least. He quickly became friendly with our family, but tentative around new people, especially men. We discovered Janie with Bark Busters on the internet. She has been able to help us zero in on problem behaviors. He is definitely a different and more controllable dog, today, than the day she first walked through the door. He is learning to walk more calmly on the leash, to sit and wait while I answer the door, to run free in our unfenced yard and come when called, and he loves the dog park. He is now two; we still have training we would like to do and she is always ready to help. We would strongly recommend Janie Fairchild to anyone.
Joyce & Richard Pundt, Cedar Rapids 26th October 2011

We called Janie after hearing great things about her results from others. Our new dog, Maggie, had been through a series of homes, and she was anxious with us and aggressive with our other dog. Using Janie's techniques, Maggie is turning into a happy and obedient pet and blending in beautifully with our family.
Michelle LeCompte, Cedar Rapids 8th March 2011

I am a volunteer at Cedar Rapids Animal Care & Control and having been working with Janie Fairchild with one of the shelter dogs that is most in need of some training so we can find her a good home. Janie's instructions and training are easy to follow, effective and have already made a huge positive difference in the dog's behavior which will help make her more adoptable. I can't thank Janie enough for what she and Bark Busters have already done to reach out and help these homeless dogs and for the community. Thanks Janie!
Doug Fuller, Marion 25th February 2011

The training techniques were easy to follow and understand. By the end of the lesson, our dog began taking to the strategies Janie shared to get him to stop barking and jumping on people. We're pleased with the natural training techniques. We like how you don't reward with treats! The training experience was very interesting! You could apply these strategies in other areas of life.
Kent and Kim Bracken, Robins 4th February 2009

The change was quick and just remarkable. On the following day, we had a houseful of people and we were stressed about how Lea would act. That stress was soon diminished by a very well-behaved puppy.
Kathy and John Bailey, Marion 10th December 2008

The training techniques were very clear to understand. Janie is a very good teacher and really cares about her clients and their success.
Heidi and John Mangold, Cedar Rapids 29th February 2008

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